Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Posted by Charles R Marquette

"I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of "Women's Rights," with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were women to 'unsex' themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings and surely perish without male protection."

-Queen Victoria, March, 1870

Is there any positive difference, where half of the world population is concerned—the male population—between "real feminism" and "counterfeit feminism"? Is "real feminism" better than "not-real feminism"? Is there any real difference at all between the two? Has "real feminism" proven itself to be virtuous and thus the preferable one? What good benefits does "real feminism" offer to both men and women that "counterfeit feminism" does not? Do you consider yourself to be a "real feminist"? What exactly does "real feminism" entail? Is it there such a thing? What the fuck does it mean to be a "real or good feminist"? I will tell you what it means—NOTHING! Nothing that matters to the plight of men and boys. "Good feminist" or "Real feminist" is a deluded and self-serving platitude of misguided women indelibly silenced in the face of the evil perpetrated by the so-called "bad feminists"--with goverment's help--against men and boys.

It is an irreconcilable dichotomy to proclaim, in any context, to be a "good feminist" or a "real feminist," or that there actually is "good feminism" and "bad feminism"; particularly when we consider all of its variants and schism. Feminism is an extension of Marxist ideology. There is a very close ideological connection and ties between feminism and communism, and nothing about communism has been proven to be good—nothing! So to argue that there is "good feminism" and "bad feminism" is akin to arguing that there is "good Communism" and "bad Communism" or "good cancer" and "bad cancer." And no doubt feminism is an ideological cancer perniciously eroding the fabric of this society and the world at large. But it is important to point out that although Feminism is the spiritual child of Marxism, it would be foolish to relegate solely or entirely feminists' behaviour, thought and actions to Marxist ideology; while ignoring or taking out of the equation women's hypergamous nature.

I am sure that many of you have heard, at one time or another, so-called "real feminists," feminism apologists, feminism defenders and feminism sympathizers attempting to vouch for what they call "true feminism" or "real feminism" when those of us who see feminism for what it is—an anti-male movement which have had a pervasive and malign influence on all of our institutions—blatantly and unapologetically expose its falsehood and charade. They assert: "That's not real feminism. They aren't true feminists. That isn't what feminism is really about. Not all feminists are the same, and blah, blah, blah." STOP IT!!! Feminism is what it is! It is an anti-men and anti-maleness dogma with a readily apparent contemptuousness towards everything that has to do with the male specie as a whole. It is bias and discriminatory. With a vile resolution they seek to vilify, emasculate and marginalize all men and boys—every one of them or as many as they could muster. It encourages and glorifies single motherhood and devalues fatherhood. Feminism is a herd of vixens, lunatics, oppression mongers, irrationals, histrionics, pathological liars, intellectually dishonest, narcissists, male-haters, selfish, anti-family, anti heterosexuals, self-righteous, self-serving vipers. They are ruthlessly and viciously vindictive and with the "legal system" on their side. They are grownups with the mind of a child ready to throw a tantrum when or if they hear the word NO. They have contrived every imaginable ways to vivisect man and boys and to destroy from our society anything and everything that represents and identifies masculinity, in their warped and self-deceiving hope of creating a gender-neutral society. Feminism—and I do not give a fuck if it is "real feminism" or "counterfeit feminism"—has created a plausibility structure in which it makes it ok and relatively easy for a woman to falsely accuse a man of whatever she wishes, then that man is forced to jump through difficult hoops in a desperate attempt to prove a negative, since the presumption of innocence for men has been reversed (courtesy of feminism), to prevent his livelihood and wellbeing from being completely destroyed. Then when or [if] he successfully manages to stablish his innocence by exposing, beyond any doubt, the falsity of the allegations, the woman is not held accountable for her actions. The bitch is free to go with no more than a slap on the wrist! We have termed that as *Pussy Pass.*      (   

Have you ever—"good feminist"—raised your voice loudly against false rape allegations against men? Have you ever protested against the family court disproportionately and unfairly favoring women over men? Have you ever—"real feminist"—protested against the military draft which is autocratically imposed only on men while women are spared and rewarded with the same benefits but with very little to risk or sacrifice? No, you have not because, despite all the uproar and hullabaloo raised by feminist about "equality," men still are expected to carry on their traditional disposability role and, like any other brand of feminists, you don't seem to have any problem with it.Tell me—"true feminist"—do you believe that reversing the position of the sexes in an unfair system is an exemplary idea of true justice? Have you ever publicly expressed condemnation against the Child Support Industry that has forced many men to pay for children it had been proven were not theirs? Have you ever been enraged by the egregious lenience the Criminal Justice exercise for female criminals who commit crimes no different than that of men? Have you noticed the amount of misandry in TV advertising attempting to depict fathers, and men in general, as buffoons, idiots and incompetents? Have you—"good feminist"— as much spoken or written against it? Have you even acknowledge that such thing is taking place in our society? Since you claim you are the "real feminist" or the "good feminist" (whatever that entails) then I would like to ask you: what exactly are you doing to change the system? The reality is that you are doing nothing because you see the system as an insurance policy. Your hypergamous nature dictates that is not in your best interest to rock the boat. So if men and boys have to be vicariously sacrificed, so be it.

No, all of you, self-proclaim "good feminist," with your inertness and conspiratorial silence have helped to cultivate policies of folly, iniquity, discrimination and blatant misandry against men and boys. Consciously or unconsciously you have become a traitor to your fathers, your husbands, boyfriends, your sons, your brothers, your uncles, your nephews and your male-friends. So you are not off the hook in this evil violation under any pretence of individuality and limited liability, or your asinine attempt to convince us that "that's not real feminism." You can be a good and decent human being but not a "good feminist"--that is an oxymoronic platitude. As far as I am concerned a "good feminist" is one who would jump off a cliff to her or his fucking death! If you genuinely care for the rights and wellbeing of [all] people--regardless of sex and other inconsequential attributes--then you would be a Humanist and not a feminist. And if you tell me that you are both, then I will tell you you're full of shit! Humanism and Feminism do not go hand-in-hand. They do not harmoniously blend because in both ideologically and practical application they are diametrically opposed.    

Contrary to their already exposed false pretence of "fighting for equality" and advocating for victims of domestic abuse—which men are just as much victims as women but are largely ignored, not taken seriously and even mocked—these women are but a herd of self-serving and well-favored females ideologues who have redefined old ways and contrived new ones of bitching about nothing. Like any other dogma, it breeds extremists who define and identify "problems" that do not exist; extending and stretching trivialities beyond the breaking point into absurdities, and labelling  as enemy or traitor or misogynist anyone who dares to expose their charade. Feminist ideologues have been very successful at making us aware of "problems" that were never problems, but were simply inconvenient encumbrances to their own overarching and self-serving agenda.

Feminism has created a bureaucratic bubble—composed mostly of women filled with contempt, resentment and an egregious sense of entitlement. Within this bureaucratic bubble different "job" positions and artificial titles have been created. But unlike companies that create, invent, innovate, produce and sell different goods for public consumption and are thus financially independent, these female leeches create, invent, and build nothing. Their parasitic "jobs" contribute nothing tangibly to society; so the sustenance of their bubble depends entirely on handouts. These parasites have no shame what-so-ever of being subsidized at the tax-payer's expense and other social institutions who are willing, or have been manipulated, to cater to their sham. They have given themselves the status of "victim," and through an anti-contextual ideology of permanent victimhood they have granted themselves an uncontested license to pimp a myriad of institutions--governmental as well as private. It is thus essential to their existence to keep on bitching, use deception, being dubious, disseminate lies, touting bogus and fallacious statistics, and selling their votes to politicians who would not let meager things, such as TRUTH and FACTS, to interfere with their political ambitions and are willing to reward them with money that is not theirs--in addition to enacting legislations that, more often than none, require men and boys to be vicariously sacrificed in order to favor women.

No, they are not at all interested in true equality because true equality, by its own nature and definition, would undermine their self-serving interest. They do not want 'equal' treatment, they want special treatment. Feminism dogma has been worked out into political strategy to coerce state and federal legislation to grant them special privilege and preferential treatment through Affirmative Actionso, of course, exchanging this granted privilege for genuine equality would be a bad trade-off for them. Ironically, [enforced] Affirmative Action--which they all welcome it--greatly contradicts their ideology's main premise which claims: "There's no difference between men and women." These women are a herd of "intellectual" leeches and hustlers who have figured out how to swindle and bleed the system through an anti-contextual ideology of victimization. They have taken the "intellectual" gerrymandering a huge step further--they have perfected it. To justify their existence they must beat non-stop the drum of victimhood. With the unparallel contemptuousness and insolence that characterize them, and with willful indifference to honesty, truth and facts, they shoehorn flimsy statistics or exaggerate bogus ones to compel the nation to heed their drumming and rush to their rescue. Then they have the White Nights and the manginas (primarily from the government) coming out to serve them. Pumping millions of dollars every year into their "studies," "programs," "projects" and what-have-you; which are nothing but webs where they device more and better ways to deceive and coerce the government to enact laws and regulations that are favorable only to women and detrimental to men. From unilateral divorce in the '60s, to the Equal Rights Amendment in the '70s, to the taxpayer-financed daycare in the '80s, to the Violence Against Women Act in the '90s, to tax-funded abortion, to the Paycheck Fairness Act and on it goes. Feminist ideologues' arguments to justify it have been found—with not much effort—to be full of holes. For they amount to no more than scarecrow tactics, whimsical absurdities, cognitive dissonance, biased assimilation and attitude polarization, and outright dishonesty which all has culminated in arbitrariness. All attempts are made to justify the unjustifiable, to make the absurd to sound reasonable, and to harmonize away the many discrepancies within their own dogma. This is what feminists have been doing for the past five decades when they found out that reality contradicts the tenets of their dogma, and they are willing to tear the world apart in their unrelenting attempt to make reality conform to their fallacious dogma.

Feminists lost the argument to make their case, if they ever genuinely had probable cause to make a case, a long time ago. When the ideology of a group—any group—necessitates the oppression or marginalization of another, or by whatever ill and unscrupulous means elevates or favor one group over another, then all arguments put forth to impress upon the rest of society that their cause is "just" do not tread on a firm moral ground. And they cannot touch solid ground with one foot when they try to kick with the other those of us who expose their farce. Feminism is a false and self-deceiving ideology constantly requiring special pleading and adjustment to harmonize away and accommodate every tenet in their dichotomous dogma that does not tally with the report of reason, reality and even nature. It is an ideology that is destructive to the same degree as Fascism, Communism, Stalinism, Maoism, etc. I can tell you, without reservation, that there is no other force in the world at the present time more destructive than feminism. Radical Islam got nothing on feminism. If being a "real feminist" or the
"right brand of feminist" means anything, what exactly is the measure of it? You have remained silent and indifferent--at best neutral--on every issue affecting men and boys brought about by a misandrist dogma which has pervaded and perverted our culture. As I see it, your silence is just another form of conspiracy, so...FUCK YOU AND YOUR ILK!

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